Ural Service – Call us at 412-276-1300 

Let’s face it, Ural service at a Ural dealership or authorized repair center is only possible when you live a reasonable distance from the facility. We have had bikes towed or driven to us from as far away as upper New York State and the Maryland/Virginia corridor…well over 300 miles away. 

We take service very seriously at Ural Pittsburgh. Ural’s are the primary brand we work on. We are and authorized service center for Ural and we have a Ural certified mechanic on staff with experience on Ural’s from 2000 to 2020. We keep in stock a wide variety of the most used parts and work closely with Ural and our other supply partners to make sure we can get any other parts needed for maintenance and repair in a timely manner. 


We realize not all Ural owners can’t get their bikes into us by riding or self-towing. We offer a pickup/drop off service using an in-closed trailer for those riders up to 200 miles away from our warehouse. Please call us at 412-276-1300 and we will give you a quote. 

To schedule service, please call us at 412-276-1300.