"I bought mine from Ural Pittsburgh also (they are only maybe 40 miles away) and the setup was very good. At about 5000 miles, I cannot find any fault with the sidecar alignment."


"I got mine last week & what a cool experience it has been so far! This is my 1st Ural/sidecar experience, so I am taking it slow! I am definitely in no rush ... is just fine for now! Just a quick thanks to Mike P. at Ural of Pittsburgh, for the easy sales process, excellent customer service and from ..."


"No knowledge of this particular machine, but I bought my 2020 GU from Ural Pittsburgh. Maybe I was just lucky, but the alignment seems perfect. And my dealings, in person, with Richard have been nothing less than stellar."


"Check all of the above. I visited Ural Pittsburgh (PA) this week who were extremely gracious, permitting me to examine and crawl all over one ..."


"Seconding Ural Pittsburgh. They assembled and shipped my 2020 GU to me, and did a fantastic job. "


"Ural Pittsburgh is known for some very good deals and good setup and they ship for free."


"But my dealer, Ural of Pittsburgh, didn't charge freight or assembly fee's where I believe some Ural dealers do."


"I have to give Ural Pittsburgh credit on set up and detail and delivery. Richard and the crew are great."


"Dealing with Ural of Pittsburgh was also a breeze."


"I bought my 2019 GU From Pittsburgh... It was a very easy transaction.. they were VERY accommodating to the prices... Bike arrived in Dallas exactly as I expected it to.. NO fuss, NO "excuses" .. Excellent condition ready to ride! I highly recommend them!"


"Very very happy with my (two) Ural purchases from Ural Pittsburgh. As you stated, no extra fees,"


"Bought my Ural there last summer. Great experience. No pressure sales approach, friendly and very knowledgeable about Urals. Pricing was good as they didnt charge setup or freight that other places do."


"I contacted, and also had a pretty big selection. The owner loves Urals, and their staff seems very knowledgeable. Some of the other dealers ... which made me worry about their experience in assembling bikes. Ural Pittsburgh is one of the top sellers of new bikes in the US."


"Just wanted to give a big thanks to Ural of Pittsburgh . They were welcoming folks and motorcycle enthusiasts there."


"... new 2017 GearUp holdover was delivered today, courtesy of Richard from Pittsburgh Ural. They were fantastic to deal with every step of the way. "