2.2 000,000,000,000,000 ways…


There are dozens of Ural dealerships in the U.S., but only a handful that we would define as stocking dealers…ones who have 5 or more bikes in inventory at all times. Our prices are not all that different, so we think the buyer needs to look at the other things a dealer can provide like a large selection, good service, an inventory of units with factory options, etc.


Ural Pittsburgh is the second largest stocking dealership in the U.S. and our goal is to be #1. We are not a multi-line dealership. We specialize in Ural’s and most of the non-Ural’s we have in stock are trade-in’s for Ural’s. We normally have 12-15 units in stock and an equal amount on order or en route to our warehouse. We keep a mix of the basic Ural’s with little or no factory options to fully outfitted off-road models with most of the factory options and a dozen or more accessories already added.


We specialize in customizing Ural’s to fulfill our customer’s dreams of the perfect Ural for them. We can order any of 70 colors, give you advice on the available factory options and provide a growing selection of accessories from our online catalog. The number of ways a buyer can customize a Ural is mind-boggling. For fun once, we once had a math guy figure this out for us…

How many combinations are possible with these variables?

  • 2 models – Gear Up & cT
  • 5 factory options (custom paint, black powertrain, undercoating, innercoating, tank tool box)
  • 70 colors
  • Over 200 accessory options

His answer…There are 2.2 Quadrillion combinations…, That’s 2.2 000,000,000,000,000 different ways to design the perfect Ural for you.

A big number, huh? Now include finance options, transferring a title and managing shipping from Irbit Russia to the buyer’s door and we can have a very big, complex task to manage.

Ural buyers are brand enthusiasts more than most motorcycle buyers. They have usually researched Ural’s for months or years before we ever talk with them. If they buy one, they want to trust that the entire process if going to go smoothly. That is what Ural Pittsburgh excels at.

Think of it this way…We are ordering a motorcycle with custom paint and any of five options from a 78 year old company located on the fringe of Siberia in the Ural Mountains of Russia. After it is built, it travels by train to a port in Germany. It then is shipped to a port in New Jersey where it is then trucked to our warehouse near Pittsburgh. It is not just a simple bike sale to the buyer. It is a logistical problem that needs initiated, managed and isn’t complete until we get the unit to the buyer's door. In the meantime, from the day of the order the buyer wants updates on their delivery process on a regular basis. We keep in frequent contact with our customers. You will never go more than two weeks without getting an update from us.

So why choose us? We put our ability to manage the above process above any Ural dealership in the country. We have shipped bikes to over 20 states with zero issues. Talk with us & talk with our competitors. After that, we think you’ll know “Why Ural Pittsburgh”?







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